Recovered Wholeness & Living Fully

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Over ten years ago, I had just exchanged vows with my ex-husband, and we were settling back into his hometown to be active in the community, deepen our partnership, and begin our new life together.  I was so excited and hopeful.  I ended up working in the Sexual Health field for the Department of Health, educating community on sexuality, worked in STD prevention, counseled and did testing for hundreds of patients within 12 counties.  I also was teaching Pilates, doing meditation and yoga, that I had been practicing on and off since my 20s, and I had just started to get involved with women empowerment groups.  So, I had a lot of positive things going on in my life, however, just two years after being married, I was so frustrated, confused, and felt like a failure because my partner and I were disconnected and debilitated.  It was also aggravating that I had incessant internal negativity, high anxiety and stress, even though I had already done a fair amount of self development and internal work. 

One night in bed, laying next to my ex, I remember tears forming as I tried to make sense of my life.  As he asked what was wrong, and me feeling uncomfortable being vulnerable, finally said with no thought, “I thought this was suppose to be easier; I thought we were suppose to do this together, I feel alone; I thought we’d complete each other.” That was the first time I cried in front him, as I had thought strength meant holding it together.  It also was embarrassing that I admitted that I wanted him to complete me.  I being a rather individual-go-for-it-type-of-woman had no idea that I was looking to him to fulfill so much of needs. 


Though I felt my world falling apart, it actually was the start of an incredible journey to wholeness, which also included reclaiming an empowered holistic sexuality and deeper connection to LIFE. I went deep and looked toward Eastern Modalities(breath-work, sound, meditation, movement, yoga), as well as the latest research in neurology, somatic experience, and psychology to help heal my wounding & social/religious conditioning around relationships, love, and sexuality. I traveled the world and studied with incredible teachers and teachings that allowed me to understand the wisdom, and to finally be able to embody the wisdom.  I’ve discovered that we transform when we can connect(there are tools and practices to get you there), and we understand(not just intellectuality) the aspects of our selves that have been running the show that can cause suffering. 


With my experiences and practices, I have been able:

*to go to the roots of my suffering 

*to understand, heal, and finally be in transformation

*hold the darker aspects with care and gentleness when challenges arise

*be in love with my incredible body and am in constant curiosity

*can access pleasure and vibrancy easily

*have deeply connected relationships with others and myself

*continually increase my capacity for love

*feel grounded and expanded

*be in deep awe and gratitude for Life(the Sacred)  


PLUS!!My anxiety and negative rumination makes a rare appearance, and when it does come up it doesn’t linger.  


I’ve been on incredible journey, and want to help others not only taste, but embody this freedom.  


I’m so excited to be able to guide women to deeper connection and wholeness with themselves, other, and their connection to what is sacred. 


In deep reverence, Melissa.


Certified Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach 

through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality


Certified Traditional Tantra Yoga instructor

through Shri Kali Ashram, India


Sacred Woman’s Facilitator training through Awakening Women 


Ongoing Training with the Yoga of Sound with Silvia Nakkach

Health & Care Coordinator for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy Center

Past Disease Intervention Specialist for Sexual Health for 12 counties, certified through the CDC

Certified HIV Prevention & Testing Counselor

Over10 years working in NGO and Public Health environments

BA, Global Relations